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OSD600 - Hacktoberfest #1

In October, I have a chance to contribute to Hacktoberfest, this is my first time ever joining to other's source code. Finding a first issue to work on might take me a few days. I finally comes up with this issue for my beginning.

How I Get Start

Through my study, I have worked with some projects related to web, and I would love to know more about it, this is the reason why I choose this repo to work on. The maintainer wants to have a playground for web components, which specifically helps me understand more about the web components. Even though I have learned about web development for 2 semester, I am still doubtful about this concept.

How I Accomplish This

In this issue, I have to create an example of Template, it would firstly benefit myself because I have to do a lot of researches and read different articles about this, even though it is only one concept. But I will be able to know how to do the HTML Template, and when to use it. <template> enables users to write markup templates that are not displayed in the rendered page, and it also can be reused as many times as they want as the basic of a custom element's structure. Then I finally create my pull request for the maintainer.

What I Have Learned

Web Components is a set-up of various innovations permitting you to make reusable custom components, with their usefulness epitomized away from the remainder of your code, and use them in your web applications. Moreover, I would apply this to my future program, reusing custom elements without the fear of code collisions. I am so delightful since I am able to know more about the concept I already learned, but never having chance to practice and use it

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