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My very first collaboration - Lab 1

At the beginning of the course, I was introduced to Slack, which was a great app to communicate with other students in IT field. And I found Kien writes his program in another language, which is C++ and different from my program. I end up with asking him to be my partner for this lab.

I am very interested in testing and reviewing someone's code, it is totally a new experience for me. I have a chance to know how he does his code, thoughts, logic, etc. I review his code and I come up with some issues he has. When I try to run his program based on his instruction, it takes a while because he gives improper syntax. We already discuss about how we could get rid of it. The reason why it happens is because he initially puts pgprogram fname instead of ./pgprogram fname, the machine does not know where to execute the command.

Additionally, he uses Visual Studio to do his code, so when I clone his code to my machine and open it in Visual Code, I have to install C/C++ extension, but he does not mention it in his instruction. Other than that, his code is short and explained, which is easy for me to catch what is happening in this program.
Kien also comes up with some issues I have in my program. Initially, I put all the text file into a single paragraph tag, I fix this one by correcting regex in my function, I mix up [] and () in my program.

Overall, this is my first time reviewing and testing my peer's code, which is an interesting experience for me and I think for Kien as well.

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