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Current Journey - OSD700

This week is my first week to kick-off my second journey to open source work with OSD700. I am so interested in working with open source project in last semester, the reason why is because I will be always working with something that I totally have no ideas what the project is about.

The main purpose of this semester is to take what I have learned in OSD600 and go deeper with it. The project we will be working on for this semester is Telescope, and trying to ship it to v3.0.

Things I Want to Achieve In OSD700


Last semester, I saw Telescope is using Docker, however, I am still confusing what does exactly Docker do in this project as well as the purpose of this. The only thing I just know about Docker is it is a platform that provides an easier way to build, deploy, and run applications using containers. So, I want to understand it clearly, and after that I want to create one(or more) project using Docker, and have it as a weapon to help me find a job in the real world.

Back-end Development

I have been always working with front-end in open source projects, this time, I want to expose myself to back-end to challenge myself, and get the better logic of it.

Communication and Management

I realize that those two key words are really important when working in open source. I have to balance these two in order to have good performance with my peers. I believe that I will not realize what I have changed in communication and management skills in the last semester, but I will keep practicing to make myself not overwhelm when facing the real world.

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