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Discussion on: VSCode or Atom?

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Thomas C. Haflich

I've used ST2, ST3, and Atom (among others), and I can say that it's really down to which defaults you like better and if you need some random feature or package that isn't in one of them.

Also, how much you're willing to put up with nagware. ST2/3 is either a significant investment or periodically pulls a winrar. Atom is roughly the same product for nothing.

I know a bunch of developers who use Notepad++ for everything. Oh, and the one guy who used Dvorak layout and coded in Vim. (I think as a team of developers grows, the odds of having one of those guys approaches one.)

It is an interesting assumption that everyone is in two very specific editors.

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Ben Sinclair

It's not "how much you're willing to put up with nagware", it's "whether you're prepared to breach the license agreement and use the software illegally".