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Discussion on: Diversity vs Inclusivity: Understanding the Difference

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Thomas C. Haflich

I'm on a pretty small team now, and most of them are not only introverts, but shy introverts. In addition to increasing inclusivity/diversity of background, we could probably use some more extroverted and communicative sorts of people just to create a more welcoming and balanced kind of culture. Right now we're all huddled at our desks not talking to each other. Having many different types of personalities so that everyone can find their niche would definitely be a boon.

I also do think that while inclusiveness is critical for the wellbeing of the team, diversity is key for the wellbeing of the product or service you're creating. The ultimate goal is to make something for people, and that's best done when the team knows the people they're working for. The world itself is a diverse place, so lacking any bit of experience or knowledge means that you're missing that part of the world reflected in your output. (This also of course means that you have to listen to your team, not just tick off your diversity checklist!)