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Discussion on: Don't Trust the Cascade - Why I write CSS in JavaScript

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Thomas C. Haflich

The "day job" project I'm working on is made up of about two thousand non-library JavaScript files, with a component based structure. It's not bloat, just gigantic; those files are not just sitting around taking up space. Managing the JS alone is work, so keeping a separation of JS and CSS ended up taking up more management time than development time.

We ended up doing a minimal baseline CSS that's very rarely modified these days, and then going component-based for the rest of the styles. It turned out to be the right tool for the job. Development is fast and flexible and performance is good. Not to say there aren't drawbacks, but for this project they definitely are overshadowed by the benefits.

When I'm doing a small personal project, I end up usually defaulting to a purer CSS based approach and not going for inline styles, since they're not so difficult to manage.