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Hi everybody!
For my sins, I'm traditionally a DBA, and I currently manage a team of database reliability engineers.
I'm learning dart and flutter because the entrepreneur in me wants to be able to get ideas from my head into apps. I also wanted to learn a versatile language that can be used server and client side.
I'm also one of the co-founders of GDG Bristol to showcase Google tech.
A year ago I would've told myself to focus more and cut out the noise. This is something I'm still trying to achieve!


Mainly because dart was built from the ground up to replace JavaScript. Also, it's the language behind Flutter, and Fuschia (Google's next OS) is built with it.

You'll really regret this decision. Flutter/Dart ecosystem is still maturing, and lots of stuff is missing. If you want a single language to rule them all, the answer is JavaScript.

Perhaps. But I'm only a hobbyist, and dart and Flutter meet my needs atm. Super easy to learn too and pure OO. Happy with my decision thus far.

I agree that the development experience is brilliant. I have, however, burned my hands many times before and so stick to Java for Android (don't care about iOS).

But I'm only a hobbyist

It's already too late. You are one of us πŸ˜‰, a developer.

You will be sucked into the world of fun 😎


What do you do to gain focus and cut out the noise?

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