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How has my portfolio evolved?

I know my portfolio is not the best as compared to portfolios of other amazing developers out there but 'Content is king' and I am working on it to make it better and better

The purpose of my portfolio is to provide value to other developers from my journey and I hope I make it happen.

As a developer portfolio is something that you must have. It's a place where you can share about your projects, education qualifications, journey as a developer, tech stacks, and write blogs on your site.

Portfolio is a digital garden for you

I went through 4 iterations of designing my portfolio.

List of my portfolio iterations are:

1.First Portfolio.


-This was my first portfolio when I was new in the programming world. In this, I simply picked up the bootstrap template and edited it accordingly.

Stack Used- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hosted on netlify.

2.Second Portfolio.


-After getting bored with my first portfolio I created this one to test my skills in Vue and Flask. It looks like some sort of profile page on a social media website.

Stack Used- Vue, Bulma, Flask (For Blogs), frontend on Netlify, backend on Heroku.

3.Third Portfolio

-This portfolio was the result of being a beginner in Nuxt JS. I built it so I can text my Nuxt learning.

Stack Used- Nuxt JS, Bulma, frontend on Netlify, Notion for storing blogs.

4.Portfolio 4 (Current)
-Now things get serious here. This is my portfolio keeping simplicity in mind where I will share the projects & tools I built or going to build. I will share my full over here in the form of timelines and blogs.

Stack Used- Nuxt JS, Bulma, frontend on Netlify, Blogs coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

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Andrew Baisden

Excellent I can see that you learned a lot.