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10 Reasons why your website is slow and it's takeaway.


Do you know a slow website kills conversion? 47% of customers expect a website to load in two seconds at the very most. 40% will abandon it altogether if it takes longer than three.

So let's discuss what makes your website slow and we can fix it.

1. Unoptimized Image

  • Check your image files that are above 1 MB is totally unacceptable.
  • Use JPEG instead of PNG, especially for large images.
  • Use the waterfall test to easily scan your site and suggest corrective actions.

Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools

Full Page Test Analysis


2.JavaScript Issue.

  • Audit your JavaScript scripts. So what is really needed and remove what you don't.
  • Asynchronous loading is a must.
  • Use Google Tag Manager or Segment. A single script for all your tools.

3.Too much flash content.

  • Look for HTML5 replacements.

4. Excessive HTTP Requests.

  • Use Sprites to reduce HTTP requests.
  • Reduce the number of total files the user will have to download.
  • Minify your CSS and JavaScript files.

5. Not making use of caching.

  • You can cache CSS, and javascript files on client side and you can cache database queries on the server side.

Note: If you can cache something then do it. But do it carefully so you don't mess with something which can raise "cache invalidation" error.

6.Unclean code.

  • Don't be lazy and use inline CSS when possible.
  • Remove unwanted comments and lines from JavaScript and CSS files.

7. Files compression.

  • Use G-Zip compression. It wraps all your files into a single container so the server response fast.

8.Too many ads.

  • Ads requires additional HTTPS request so it increases the load time.

9. CDN

  • Use CDS'N service. CDN helps to cache your whole website into various node servers available across the globe so your website loads fast.
  • Examples: Cloudflare, Fastly, Akami, etc.


  • Choose the hosting carefully. Use Netflix or Vercel for static hosting


Thanks for reading here.
I am new to this blogging kind of stuff. So I hope you will forgive my mistakes.

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