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I have a work provided Win7 laptop that I run through a dock to a couple of monitors in my office. Favorite part about this setup is the size of my monitors and my mechanical keyboard, which provides no real benefits other than my enjoyment of the key sound and feel.

For home use I have an iMac. I primarily use this for self studying, work for my M.S. program, and recording music. I like having a different OS for home use so I can play around and not stay too focused on just windows.

I really don't like working on laptops, which seems backwards from most other devs I talk to. I enjoy having a dedicated workspace of my work or home office. It helps me focus in on my tasks and goals.

I benefit from having big/multiple monitors as well, which is hard to get from a laptop. Portability of laptops is definitely a plus, but I don't find myself in need of that often.

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