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Discussion on: How to write a kickass README

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Tautvydas Derzinskas

Emojis is a matter of taste.

You are missing two important things:

  1. Table of contents. (allows you to see summary of your readme file without scrolling + quick navigation)
  2. Logo - makes your readme and whole project more professional
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James.Scott Author

Agreed re:emojis and logo! Have made an edit. Thanks!

The risk of adding a TOC is you push all the important information like the intro/project summary etc further down. I’d only really use one if your README is incredibly long (or I’d move some of that content into another file).

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Will Vincent

I think if you've got enough info to warrant a TOC, that should follow the initial intro section of the document that describes what the thing is, etc.. AND, that's probably a good time to also think about splitting it into multiple files, ie: instead of a contributors section, a separate file, etc.

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Ben Racicot

+1 this is what I did. Once it gets to a certain length ah... you kind of need one up top.