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Discussion on: Rocket.Chat Desktop: No valid server found at the URL…wait what?!

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Tasso Evangelista

As one of the maintainers, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience. When introducing the breaking changes of version 3.x, we've noticed that some features were already incompatible with the app, like the handling of the user presence and some touch bar buttons for MacOS users. At the time, I've considered fair enough to raise our minimum supported version to >=3.0.0, but our team warned me that our support covers the latest major versions -- therefore, >=2.0.0. The front-end team has the long-term goal to not render the server's web client inside the app, but provide a completely local client (even if running over Electron or, maybe, React Native Desktop). It was surprising to discover how many community instances of versions 0.x and 1.x are running out there; so we're committed to support all previous versions with some form of "graceful degradation" in the next patches.