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Day 40,41,42:100DaysOfCode

taran17809555 profile image Taranpreet Singh ・1 min read

hectic week...

samsung prism test , codechef long and sem exams....hmm
so totally solved 5 full and 1 partial question on codechef

(ps: finally became a 4 star on codechef)
had a samsung prism test at college online solved a total of 2 questions out of 3..
one was rearrange array one contigous subarray ques and the last one was sum of valued subtree...
it was a great experience (total time to solve these ques were 70 mins)...

good weeek for cp nd dsa...
studied subset sum problem (now would be doing some ques related to it)

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Henry Boisdequin

Keep going, nearly halfway!

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