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Good writing, interesting topic! :)

I finished university with a teaching degree (History and English as a foreign language). During my university years, the main mantra was always "Life Long Learning". While I was working as a teacher I told this to my students. Then I switched careers and became a Front-End developer. When I got my first developer job I had a disadvantage, so I did 60 our weeks (I was used to it, because of the workload I had during teaching). 40 hour was my job, and another 20 was just to learn/study new things. Read, watch video courses. 4 years later I'm still doing that.

Although, I don't think categorising skillsets into shapes is the right approach, I think the Comb-shaped path gets closer to Life Long Learning. In the end, being a Senior developer is just having experience facing issues and finding solutions. I might not be skilled in SQL, but I am certain that I can quickly learn it, just as I have done it with Docker, or with back-end development, or with Groovy.

Once I was very skilled with Angular JS, but I wouldn't say that I still am. Although, I am certain that after a little time I would remember things and that part of the comb would rise again. Therefore, I think that the comb shaped view is more fluid. For me, It is more like the sound display used to be on Winamp. Constantly jumping up and down. :)


That's a great picture. I view myself as a serial skills collector.

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