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How To Add Comments to your Changes In Microsoft Office Word With Reply

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Adding Comments to your Changes In Microsoft Office Word

How To Add Comments to your Changes In Microsoft Office Word With Reply Whenever you want someone to do a proofreading of your report you do not expect him or her to correct your report in a way that is just ready for you. The person checks your report by using a red pen or a pen with a different color than the content and then you have to do the correction of it. But how exactly is it possible for someone to check your report on the word. If they change a spelling, you won’t be able to recognize what change has been done. Let us discuss the amazing feature of Microsoft Office Word that we up till now didn’t know about. In this article, you will learn how to add comments to your changes in Microsoft office word 2016 with replies.

Using Word for Comments Process

Step 1: Click the Review tab of your header

When you open your word document, click the review tab in your title header and open the section.

Step 2: Click on Track Changes button

Now click on the “Track Changes” element in the bar and start tracking the changes.

Step 3: Start Editing

Now easily add or change. All your editing will be highlighted with a red mark. If you add something the word would be written in red and if you change something the word would be underlined along with being red.

Step 4: Hide or See your edits

If you desire to hide your edits, you can click on the small vertical lines on the left side of your document. You can also see them by clicking it once again.

Step 5: Add Comment with your Specific Edit

In case you wish to add a note to the author about his/her specific mistake, you can easily add a comment next to it.
Select the specific text and click the “New Comment“ button. With this, a box will appear for you to add your comment indicating the specific text.

Step 6: Reply to the reader’s Comment

After you send the file back to the author and he wishes to let you know about the correction, you may see that he/she has now replied to your comment. You can easily reply to the main comment and also resolve the issue.

Step 7: Show Revisions

You can easily review all the changes if you wish to by clicking the “Show Markup” button, then click “Balloons” and in the end click “Show Revisions in Balloons”

Step 8: Review Your Changes

When you finish your editing, review all your changes by using “Previous” or “Next” command or by “Accept and Move to Next” or “Reject and Move to Next” to allow or reject the changes.
You can also select in bulk by clicking “Accept All Changes” or “Reject all Changes”

Step 9: Turn-Off Tracking when Finished

After you are done with all the changes and editing, click the Track Changes button once again to end the tracking.

With the help of these steps, you can easily make your way to being a pro at using Microsoft Office Word. If you are interested in coupons, then here is a site suitable for you and within your access

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