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Progressive Overload!

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Who Got it?

Everyone who maintained at least one repository before the da...

Lost in VS Code windows?

Hey, I had one feature that you can use to enhance. I noticed...

GitHub Arctic Code Vault

It's like the Golden Record in Voyager

GitHub Arctic Code Vault

I making a lot of mistakes in this post xD

GitHub Arctic Code Vault

Thank you for correcting. Made the necessary changes.

Github profile README generator with addons like visitors-count, github-stats etc

Great job!

Lost in VS Code windows?

It's more than what I expected man. Just installed the plugin...

Twitter accounts for Apple, Elon Musk and Bill Gates were hacked

This giveaway of BTC poped up in the news recently what is it...

Name a Linux command you recently found useful.

I was looking for the config of my cpu so lscpu was easier th...

Lost in VS Code windows?

Thanks for this I was looking for something like this as I wa...

Hey guys I am gonna try #100daysofcode

Rather than going through a course I would recommend practisi...

Hey guys I am gonna try #100daysofcode

Do you want to learn python from basics?

What's with the πŸ¦„?

Thanks for the explanation I was curious about this too.

AI At The Edge - An Introduction To Intel OpenVINO Toolkit

Hey I was also a part of this program and currently on my fin...

Welcome Thread - v81

Hello Guys I am Tanvesh Hello everyone so I am new...