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re: Yeah. That was a huge "understand your community" gaff. Reminds me of when I was working for Digex "back in the day". At the time, as a smaller ho...

HUGE misunderstanding of the community.

This is very interesting! I used to do work for a porn website and they were also very quick to pay their bills. Hasn't it been said that porn has driven innovation on the web and with cell phones? XD

Yeah: they also tend to be a lot more security-conscious: if you're going to pick up driveby malware, it's more likely to be from your neighborhood church's web site than a porn website.

There's lots of money in porn. If you're operating a site, you tend to avoid things that will interrupt access (like failing to pay bills on time) - since doing so will interrupt your income - and avoid things that will antagonize your users (since potential users have a lot of choices on where they can scratch their itch).

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