Discussion on: There's More Than One Way to Become a Developer

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Thank you, I was going to mention this. I currently attend a Technical College and they give you hands on coding experience, and not only that, they usually often talk with employers to see what they would like you to know and tailor the programs around that. Also, they cost a fraction of what Universities cost and a full time student is done in 2 years. For working people they offer night classes and certificates (1 year). In addition, they help you with job placement like the Universities.

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Brian Rinaldi Author

Great to hear. I had not considered that option. It'd be great if you or @mj Lokes posted about your experiences. I have never encountered anyone who got into the career this way or heard much about the programs and I suspect I am not alone, so it'd be great to hear from folks who have been through it to make people more aware of the option.