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Discussion on: Back to the Basics: Why a Programmer Moved to a Farm

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Tam Sylte

I love your post - I also just recently relocated. Our original dream was to do something with the land like you do but being close to 60 years old, my wife and I revised our goals a little. We have a small city lot with a big house in a small town, and have also left behind so much of the big city life that was toxic. We're reclaiming a small garden space on the lot, and working on building the lawn into a bee lawn. Small scale but something we can do to give back. And on top of it, I'm a better developer because of the wonderful life style!

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Maria Yanchauskayte Author

Thank you, Tam! It was our first experience with this kind of article on I will look forward to your story!

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George Novik

Thank you and good luck!