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Discussion on: Case against premade CSS frameworks (and Design systems)

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Mirza • Edited on

hypothetically speaking, if some company or developer knows that using certain front-end design/framework will help them in increasing their client-age then why would they design their own custom UI? Standards are good because they reduce the technical hassle both for devs as well as the users.

Though i agree with you when you mention that frameworks are good if you are working on prototype or MVP. Time matters a lot!

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Vladimir Jovanović Author

Developers are almost always oblivious about design and branding aspects of this work in a same way pure designers without technical background are oblivious to technical issues.

Once upon a time, we had a man in a middle who connected those professions in a unique way - web designers. Professionals who know to design AND to code.

Look at it from this perspective - if everyone is using the same design with slight variations, which one will stand out and be most memorable? Human brain remembers differences, something like Git ;)