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Pelican is another solid SSG. It was introduced the same time as Jekyl, a long time before Hugo or Gatsby came into being. Yes, it's that old.

It's reliable and actively maintained even after all these years, with a robust plugins system which most of the new SSG lack, and has a thriving community.

I think the reason it does not get mentioned in the current discussions, because it is built in Python. Most of the web development crowd has moved to JavaScript.


You're right and I do mention Pelican briefly in the post in the section about language. Having been working with these tools a long time, I am aware of it though I've never used it. I do think the JS tools get more attention these days, but two of the biggest (i.e. Hugo and Jekyll) are not JS.


but two of the biggest (i.e. Hugo and Jekyll) are not JS.

Jekyll is the oldest, and Github pages support it out of the box. Hugo has speed working for it, and other SSG cannot even eat its dust.

So Pelican is very much like the middle child of SSG 😃

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