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Create a WordPress website with just a click!

Hi, I'm Mahdi founder of
in this post I am going to introduce you WordPress 1 Click platform. A platform which I have created with Laravel, Docker Swarm and Python.

It makes a WordPress website for you with just a click on a subdomain. so you can create your websites or landing pages with just a click without any hassle.

WordPress 1 Click Platform

You can also Connect your own Domain.


The platform is built on top of docker swarm. means the websites are in a docker container so it can provide more optimistic security in the WordPress market!

(Main website is built with Laravel Jetstream and Inertia js.

The front-end is using Vue.js

The core of platform is handled by Docker python API. Laravel sends commands to a flask container and it connects to Docker socket with the Docker Python API

Creating Your WordPress website with just a Click

for creating a website in you just need to sign-up. you can sign-up easily with your Google account.

then in the dashboard just enter a name for your website. e.g mySweetWordPressWebsite.

Image description

Then click on the Create Button! it takes about 10 to 20 seconds so wait a little :)

And that's it! wait a little and after a few seconds your WordPress website is live. you just need to complete the famous WordPress installation wizard.

Image description

Also it provides you a free subdomain. so you don't need buy any Shared Linux host or domain for just testing or creating a landing page with Elementor or Visual Composer!

I would appreciate it if you had any advice or comment on the platform.

Enjoy your WordPress website!
Checkout WordPress 1 Click Platform:

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