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How to use emoji in your commit message ⚑ ⚑


Welcome Thread - v112

Iam Takunda from Zimbabwe, I just bounced on while loo...

What is that made you divorce your first wife(React Native) for another wife(Flutter)?

For me it was the speed of Flutter since flutter compiles to ...

How do you build Forms?

If i have internet i will copy paste ordinary forms, but late...

Coder's biggest and most hidden enemy. Creeping up on you right now


Which sites do you spend more time on than you should?

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,, vscode

How do you organize your projects?

If I wasn't lazy my projects structure would be like this: ...

How do you organize your projects?

me i have a folder called projects i used to have a folder st...

October 30th, 2020: What did you learn this week?

You should have enough sleep. You should beware or your feel...

Steps to become Z Senior Developer

i think its all about having discipline, a beginner mind and ...

October 22nd, 2020: What did you learn this week?

I ejected from Expo and guess what i am enjoying the new envi...

Do you prefer Light mode or Dark mode?

i find light mode is too bright for my eyes, so i like dark m...

13 Reasons why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development

This is very true. I wanted to hang around React Native these...

Creating Laravel Desktop Apps Part 1: Setup

Ok cheers

How to fix React Native version mismatch

That's great man.

How to fix React Native version mismatch

This happens when your project has different version from the...

Welcome Thread - v36

Hello everyone