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JAMstack Roundup for September 30th 2019

navinmoney profile image Navin Mani Originally published at ・1 min read
  1. Building a Component Library with React and Storybook
    Learn how to build a component library 📚 with React and Storybook to create modular and reusable components that can be shared across projects.

  2. How I’ve built 100+ open-source apps with automation tool
    See how Sm0ke has generated more than 💯 apps in different languages and architectures, including the JAMstack, using automation tools and boilerplate code.

  3. From WordPress to JAMstack
    Away from WordPress, towards JAMstack. Multilingualism, a domain move 🚀.

  4. The Best React And Vue Static Websites Generators For JAMstack Websites
    From pricing 💵 to performance 🎟, which static site generators are best for React and Vue.

  5. What is Serverless all about?
    In an agile world, shipping 🚢 scalable software with budget constraints has become a big puzzle: one that Serverless may solve.


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