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JAMstack Roundup for October 29th 2019

navinmoney profile image Navin Mani Originally published at ・2 min read

Here are 5 great articles we've enjoyed this week!

  1. Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr

    Lunr is a completely client-side search solution. 🌚 Working with an index of your creation, Lunr will take in search input and attempt to find the best match it can. You are then free to create your search UI/UX any way you choose. 😲

  2. JAMstack: Progressive Mailchimp sign-up form with Netlify

    This article will help you build a solid "works-at-all-times" sign-up form with a custom serverless function on the JAMstack. ✅

  3. How We Built a Serverless Progressive Web App with Cloudflare Workers

    A few days ago, we launched our new Progressive Web App ( We did this without setting up any servers. We didn’t have to worry about regions or uptime. 💃🕺 Instead, we could focus on delivering the best experience to our users.

  4. Play with React Concurrent Mode with Your Gatsby Site

    The React team released curious cat version for concurrent mode 😸, and I want to try that with my personal sites and side projects.

  5. Using Storybook as a Visual Testing Platform

    This is my experience with Visual Testing and how you can implement it in your projects. 📖

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