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JAMstack Roundup for August 26th 2019

navinmoney profile image Navin Mani ・1 min read

This week is all about firsts 🥇. We love trying new things, so if you haven’t tried one of these technologies 🕹, here’s your chance!

  1. Building Your First GraphQL Server

    I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a relatively new kid 🚶‍♂️ on the block — it's called GraphQL. It’s super fancy. 🎉

  2. Building Your First React.js App

    This article will take you through every step 1️⃣➡️🔟 of building the simplest React app possible. Even simpler 💡 than a to-do list.

  3. Building Your First Static Site with Gatsby

    Thinking 🤔 about getting on the JAMstack bandwagon? If your answer is Yes, then Gatsby, one of the hottest static site generators around, could be just what you’re looking for 🤩.

  4. Building Your First Dead Simple RESTful API with Node.js and Serverless

    When it comes to trying to pick your first node.js project, there is no shortage of great ideas 🧠. In this tutorial, we’ll build a REST API that tells us about our users location 📩!

  5. Building Your First TypeScript Application

    Here's what a real-world "Hello, World" 👋 TypeScript application looks like.

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