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I am not 100% sure about unity.
Working with it I have so many concerns about the way tests(unit, integration, etc...)
are handled.

While it sure gets the work done and while you can do great things with it, it really makes me uncomfortable the number of things you have to play around in order to just be able to use unit tests!

It's all fine and dandy at the beginning, but let's say that you have ~5 external dependencies and that you have ~ 50 features in your game, then every time your external dependencies change you have to remap everything! (Sure: you can do scripts etc, but it just makes me feel weirdly about Unity... maybe I am lacking some infos tho)


I don't think a beginner will go that far in the first stage. Again, after spending some time with game development s/he will understand what s/he will need.


I agree with that but on the other hand it can be really frustrating if you are very deep into a project which you started as a beginner and you realize some options are cut off (or hard to implement) due to an initial decision you didn't consider.

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