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Discussion on: shrun: A modern CLI testing framework

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Ryland G Author • Edited

I actually went and wrote a quick patch. shrun 0.0.56 now supports a volume flag. May not work perfectly, but should be more than enough to get by. One caveat is that I couldn't use -v flag as it's already used by Jest so I opted for --vo instead. Obviously you can also use --volume. I added an example in the shrun-basic-demo repo of usage here:

I'll probably add the option to use an alpine image later today.

Edit: I also just added an alpine image to the repo and reworked build command so it allows you to choose between ubuntu and alpine.

npx shrun build <command-name> --image alpine | ubuntu

Example is in demo repo json under script name "build-alpine". Not an alpine expert but tried to port all config I use in ubuntu and didn't have trouble with local runs.

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Paweł Kowalski

Wow, that was quick :D
Thank you :)

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Ryland G Author

No problem. Tbh I was pretty annoyed with myself for not thinking of volumes for the initial release. Thanks so much for mentioning it, should also make nested docker possible.