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Discussion on: Why SvelteJS may be the best framework for new web devs

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Anton Istomin

If I'm not mistaken, Svelte is from the creator of Ractive.js, which I really enjoyed when I was building an app with it. I like how Svelte pushes some of sweet Ractive's ideas to the limit – Ractive compiled templates to functions, so re-renders get pretty lightweight, and Svelte compiles the whole source file into a frameworkless script. A nice feat, I think! This is how I'd like web frameworks to be.

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PaulMaly • Edited on

Yea, Ractive was great, but too underestimated (( I hope Svelte will become more popular. Btw, maybe you would like to join us to Telegram channel:

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Paweł Świątkowski

IMO Ractive hit a really bad timing. Just when it started to get some attention, React was announced and of course people went for something from Facebook.
Another underestimated framework was MithrilJS.