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Discussion on: Is programming for me?

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Anton Istomin

I started feeling like programming is not for me long after I had many successes with it. I was still anxious (because there were people with more skills than I have! Wow! How can that be!), and thought that I was just fiddling with code, it was not serious, I rejected the idea of working as a developer one day.

Now I do and enjoy every day of it.

What I want to say is that having these feelings is surely not a sign that you should stop.

As for advices: don't rush it. However amazing are stories about people who picked up programming in 4 months and got their first job after that, they're actually exceptions from the rule. We all learn differently. I personally didn't just one day started programming, instead over the years I gradually picked up small programming related skills until I built strong enough foundation to understand how to actually code a little bit. I took a relaxed tempo, and it worked well for me.

Have fun with coding!

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imrinzzzz Author

That is what happened to me! I met people who are really talented and felt overwhelmed by it. But thank you for reminding me that programming is a long process of learning. I think I should try a relaxed tempo sometimes because I have been rushing A LOT and it doesn't help much.