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Discussion on: Working With a Remote Developer Team

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Good read my friend. All points are valid and I will try to keep them in mind in near future. I would like to add to the subject but really cannot. Actually I will set up a remote team for my current company myself in like two weeks. I've never been more excited ;)

Could you share your experience if it comes to code reviews? Do you always review code within your local team first before you send it to 'mother' team? Or maybe you have any other strategies?

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Marcell Lipp Author

Hi, it is really up to the situation and strategy.

One hand I think the best if the mother team and the remote team are equal partners, so it makes no difference who is reviewing the code.
On the other hand in the first period the remote team needs to show to the mother team that they are good enough to build up the trust. So it make sense to do a local review first.

It is also up to the structure: will the remote team share the tasks with the mother team or they will work on seperate tasks?

In the first case the two parts of the team should behave as one team, it makes no difference who does the review. Otherwise they need to finish their tasks themselves including review.