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Cover image for I made yet another tool for helping you contribute opensource. Any suggestions?

I made yet another tool for helping you contribute opensource. Any suggestions?

t78497492 profile image dhst1211 ・2 min read

Project page:

Source code:


After github login, you can browse issues with “good first issue” or “help wanted” from repositories you stared.(you can also see if someone is already assigned to the issue.)

page image

By clicking the “contributed” tab, you can check the issues from repositories you have already contributed.

Why I made this

You probably heard that if you want to contribute to opensource, easiest way is starting with frameworks/library you are already familiar with. There are also labels like “good first issue”, “help wanted” to encourage newcomers to contribute. So you can star repositories you are interested in, and periodically check if there are new issues.
But a problem with existing github’s stared repository list is that you could not see whether those repositories have new issues labeled with “good first issue” or “help wanted” at a glance. You can also search issues by the label in github’s search box by typing something like “topic:python good-first-issues:>1”, but it shows a bunch of repositories you are not familiar with.

github search

So I made this website to quickly check if repositories you stared get new issues. I hope this will reduce the time you are searching around issues and increase the time you are actually writing the code for the contribution.

Tech stack

Typescript, react, bulma

Typescript, nodejs, graphql, mongo, oauth

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading.
You can follow me on Twitter @test45836591 and on GitHub @dhst1211

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Remo Dentato • Edited

I think this might be useful.
However, why does it need write permission to public and private repositories?
Shouldn’t read access to public ones be enough?
Someone might think this is an attempt to take over repositories and inject malware into the code base!