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Discussion on: Resigning with grace

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Sylwia Vargas Author • Edited

Ohhh isn’t that sad? We spend so much time at work that ideally, our decision to move on would be dictated by an opportunity to grow professionally and not by being disappointed. And in the perfect world, such a decision would be supported. I have been very lucky with almost excusively lovely exits ✨

Quite a few years ago, I tried to leave gracefully (and gave a three month notice!!) but towards the end my boss started treating me like air — she’d ask my colleague to tell me something even when I was right there in the room 😳 I tried to clear this out before moving on. She told me she felt betrayed with me leaving (even though I was moving countries). I didn’t do much of it because that was not on me - people leave companies, that’s a fact of life. I still am in touch with the folks there and I still feel good about the company and my overall experience there.

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Yes that's true! Life is all about unions and separations, it's hard to accept though!

I'm glad that you've had some really good experiences exiting! I haven't really hahaha I'm definitely in the bag of leaving a company because of disappointment, but hopefully going forward my experiences improve overall :3