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Discussion on: My career story - from bootcamp to Google in ~1 year

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Sylvia Pap Author • Edited

Reasonable criticism of my title, but I did acknowledge all of this several times in the article itself 😅 I didn't 'learn' Java - I took two days (total 2 hours) of a course that covered Java and I immediately dropped it because I was so confused. I'm not even 100% sure it was Java, lol that is how little I gained from that experience. My 'access to programming' - maybe you are not familiar with Neopets/MySpace, but all I learned from those as a kid was that you could type <b> on something to make it bold. It wasn't exactly 'programming' as a kid. Sure, it wasn't nothing, but it's also not like I was one of those kids building my own computer at age 8. You're definitely right that having access to computers is a privilege in and of itself. So the whole '0' thing is maybe just an extreme word choice. But I stand by saying I had basically no relevant programming experience going into all of this. My previous formal education - not disagreeing with you that these are privileges in general - but they did not help me at all on this specific journey in any meaningful way. I have degrees in philosophy and international relations - again, better than nothing, but almost entirely irrelevant to the tech industry as far as I've been able to tell. Please read what I've written thoroughly - I did not hide anything, lie, or imply that this process was easy or that I did not have privilege