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Discussion on: Calling all Full-Stack Haters

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What they really meant, was "come do two jobs for us at the same pay". It was a transparent attempt by the company to gain an employee that will be over-worked and underpaid

friggin THIS. i've worked at several shops where "full-stack" was bandied around like a good thing, and in every single case what it meant was "we care more about our bottom line than the sanity of the schmucks burdened with slapping new features on top of our our out-of-date, unidiomatic, unmaintainable garbage heap of a codebase consisting of python written by php devs and javascript written by python devs."

i won't stop anyone from calling themself a "full-stack" dev, but would caution, in the strongest and sweariest of terms, against anyone taking a job advertised as such.