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re: Why you need to learn to write a sorting algorithm VIEW POST

re: I do not think that is a valid excuse during an interview. It’s not the fact that you need to know it to work there, that’s like elementary school ...

There is a certain level of difficulty in learning and implementing these algorithm. That too for a non CS person its even harder.

Hence I don't consider it as an excuse. People want to ship projects and if that does not need to know those algorithms, then so be it.

Learning libraries/frameworks/OOPS should be enough I feel. There needs to be certain level of empathy for such developers, specially self startes.


I'm not even really on about learning things like libraries. What I used to look for back when I ran interviews was a general idea of how to approach things. If that was, "I don't know, but here's what I'd do to find out..." then that's great. If it was "here's a stock answer straight out the textbook but I can't explain why it's a good fit" then that's not so great.

I think that’s a good way to look at it, dev is very diverse in what you can encounter and it’s not fair to expect someone to know everything out there.


The tech community has a lot of bodies to fill the entry level so they want the best they can get, so if someone performs well on all their requests they will be more likely to get the position.

Like you said algorithms can be complex to learn, and more experienced devs likely have been exposed to algorithms and will be easier to identify.

Ultimately it comes down to the recruiter/hiring reps methods and what they value so it’s a gamble.

And is the "best they can get" for an entry level a person who knows about sorting algorithms ? If that were really the case, that says a lot of really bad things about the labor market in CS.

Sad but not necessarily wrong, I’m in the market and looking for entry level but I have a very diverse skill set. Transitioning from an IT position.

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