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First Experience with MLH Local Hack Day

swarnakrishnan profile image Maleficient ・2 min read

Hello guys, In this blog post I'm going to discuss about my experience with MLH Local Hack Day. Before getting started with my experience let's first understand what MLH Local hack Day means.

What is MLH?

MLH stands for Major League Hacking and It is a global hacker community whose mission is to empower hackers. Also It is the official hackathon league for Students. This league power more than 200 weekend-long hackathons which inspire innovation, cultivate healthy communities and teach computer science to different enthusiasts around the world.
By participating in these hackathons a student can benefit in ways like mentorship and advice, Onsite hackathon support, Hardware and Swags fulfilment and shipping (This is one of the most exciting practices to encourage students to participate and learn more..πŸ˜€).

What is Local Hack Day?

Local Hack is an event which is divided into 3 parts which are:

  • Learn(October 2020): Learn is a global day-long conference that allows your community to pick up new skills and show off how much you’ve learned on a leaderboard.
  • Build(January 2021): Build is a week-long celebration of creating hacks/projects both big and small.
  • Share(Spring 2021): Yet to happen..

What are Guilds?

MLH Local Hack Day is a huge community with lakhs of students from different countries, therefore the concept of guilds has been introduced where each guild has a goal and the guild members help each other with the challenges and strive to be in the top of leaderboard. Guilds follow the concept of community inside the community.

How is my experience with MLH Local hack day?

I started this week by registering myself in the MLH local hack day for the first time and joined the DevScript Winter of Code Guild. Everyday I have checked-in the events and workshops. Also I have challenged myself to complete the Build Challenges within the deadlines, which I have completed successfully. Also the guild members were amazingly supportive and I have learnt a lot from them and from the challenges of Build. I have registered myself in the hackathons of MLH like Rose hack, Hack the northeast. I'm planning to participate more in the hackathons in future. Today morning(16th January), I woke up and read this mail from swift from MLH saying that I'm receiving a letter swag.
A letter swag will have:

  • An MLH Sticker
  • An Ellie Season Sticker
  • A Local Hack Day: Build Hexagon Sticker
  • A Thank You Postcard This letter is separate from additional swags that one might get by checking in to events everyday. By doing this one can get a bonus of 6 hexagon stickers.


I am really excited to participate in Share(Spring 2021) and know more about it. Also I would like to thank all my guildmates, support staff and MLH coaches for making this entire hackathon fun and insightful.

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Varghese Jose

Great explanation good going...