Discussion on: I Built A Successful Blog In One Year, And You Can Too; 7 Tips For Enhancing Readership

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Vijay Koushik, S. 👨🏽‍💻

This is so true👍🏽. I stopped writing for a brief period as no one read my posts. Then In an attempt to get that 4 week streak badge I started posting every week. Writing consistently really helped my blog gain readers. My follower count almost doubled. Writing consistently also helped me to find my style.

Blogging consistently allowed me to develop a backlog of content

This is also true. Writing consistently meant I needed ideas or inspirations. This pushed me to think in ways I normally wouldn't think of. Like, "how does Math.random() in JS work?" is the base of a post I made about prngs which was featured as one of the Top 7 posts on Dev for that week.