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re: Svelte VS ReactJS Performance Report VIEW POST

re: Let's think on that the problem describing as a mind exercise. First, we can assume the browser running at 60 fps to be a smooth experience. That...

I am sorry to say but your "haha" is quite irritating. I wonder if it comes under "Code of conduct".

Anyway, before even I think of opening devtools, I would say the DOM structure in your example is nowhere near to real-time updates. Unless the DOM has complex structure Svelte will always be faster. The code that is written in the provided link is synchronous update whereas in realtime we receive lakhs of asynchronous updates for a celebrity live video. Please let's understand the basics of real-time updates.

I would prefer to work on it for a couple of days offline and then discuss again. I wouldn't be able to answer again on this thread. I would be grateful if you also help in closing this for now. Thanks for understanding.


They are nowhere realtime examples and that was judging & rude.

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