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How to use Tailwind CSS with Laravel

Suresh Ramani
I am working on Laravel, Vue.js, React.js ( Learning ), and a little bit familiar with Node.js,, and MongoDB. and I am do all stuff on Ubuntu so I familiar with Linux Operating System.
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Tailwind is a modern CSS framework. It is a utility-first-based framework and provides you with a unique set of utility classes which makes the development process very easy and results in making a unique design. Utility-first CSS is fast, robust, and very efficient making your coding hassle-free. Tailwind CSS is also not opinionated; it means you are totally free to customize the design lament and website’s component.

Tailwind is a power pack of everything you need to create a website without writing any custom CSS.

Laravel is a complete framework for application development. It is an open-source PHP framework in which development is robust and easy. Most importantly it is easy to maintain the quality of code while using Tailwind CSS with Laravel when compared to custom CSS.

Installing the Tailwind framework is not simple as installing a bootstrap framework, it requires a little bit of configuration long with laravel Mix.

In this blog, We will learn how we can install a tailwind framework inside our laravel project.

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