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Surajan Shrestha
Surajan Shrestha

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Why communication is SUPER important for developers!!!

This is a true story.

Whenever I used to ask around for advice for a beginner developer like me from a Senior Developer or some of the Teachers in my college who also happen to work as a Developer, they gave me a whole list of advice.

But, one common advice would always be there no matter who I asked. That advice is, yes, you guessed it right, "COMMUNICATION". Every developer who had worked in a team gave me this advice.

Me, being a curious codemonkey who had never worked in a team before always found it to be weird. But, when I eventually worked in a team, I found out that no matter how small the team might be, Communication is always the top priority.

Most of the time, each developer working in a team, has their own set of problems to solve and when even one of them stops communicating, the whole team falls apart.

It's Covid-19 period and all of us are forced to work from home. So, when working from home, I was always filled with anxiety and nervousness that if the frontend I rolled out was good enough or not and how there were so many things in the To-Do list that weren't going to solve themselves while simultaneously worrying about what the Backend Developer is gonna think about me.

After days of struggle, I observed myself and found out that I just needed to TALK with the other developer in the team. After 30 mins of voice call, every bit of my anxiety was gone and my mind was in a state of crystal clear focusness.

I knew exactly what had to be done. AND how did I do that? By COMMUNICATING. I spoke about all the issues about the Frontend in my mind and got a positive feedback about what has to be done next. Now, I can focus on just the conclusion that I got when I spoke with my team.

Sigh...We humans make the simplest things extremely confusing.

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Raphael Bottino

You are so right, @surajanshrestha !

I tend to overthink anything, A LOT. And it's easy to forget the simple act of communication can alleviate most of that pain. Thanks for the reminder :)

Also, I love that the Devs around you suggested Communication as a critical skill. You are for sure surrounded by developers that understand that coding is more than bits and bytes. Lucky you!

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Raphael Bottino

Also, I always overthink if my comment will come the way I expect when I'm about to post. I didn't in the comment above. Thank you :)

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Surajan Shrestha Author

Well, your comment did come the way you expected as it was the thing that made my day today. Thank you for that.
And yeah, just a simple phone call or a text message can remove the pain we keep in our minds by regularly overthinking about what the other devs in our team think about us. I'm so happy my post got to the people who needed it.
At the end of the day, I wanna say that you're not alone, I tend to overthink 80% of the time but we're all humans, aren't we?
I appreciate the comment once more. I'll be posting again sometime soon.

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Raphael Bottino

And now I'm following you so I can read it :)