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Surajan Shrestha
Surajan Shrestha

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Is quitting photo and video based Social Media good for a Developer?

The Covid-19 Lockdown hit hard, AGAIN for the second time here in Nepal and I thought to myself, I'm not falling for the social media trap again.

As a developer, I found it extremely liberating when I quit all forms of photo and text based social media.

No matter how much Facebook and Instagram is important to connect us with the world, it just makes us sad and depressed at the end.

No matter how much Mark Zuckerberg says, "The Future is Private" or "You're in control of your account", BUT the dark truth is that YOU'RE NOT.

Ever wondered how a single post on Facebook or Instagram is responsible for either making our day or breaking it. In fact, social media manipulates and hypnotizes us indirectly.

Let's say you stumbled upon a post on Facebook that is motivating and hypes you up. Your entire day is gonna go well. But by chance, you came across a post which is sad and depressing and shows how the world beats us up and how people are responsible for breaking your heart, Your entire day is absolutely screwed.

Thus, I made a bold decision to quit all forms of photo and video focused social media like Facebook and Instagram. I actually use Twitter now which is mostly text-focused. A text-focused social media doesn't harm you in a way a photo-focused social media does.

In fact, I found Twitter to be awesome in ways which lets me interact with developers from all around the world.

Ignorance is a bliss. Now, I don't have to know which friend ate what and how their lives are so freakin amazing and crap like that. I've understood that everyone is suffering in their own ways.

Now, I can focus only on myself which is the only thing I want right now.

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Alexandre Plateau

Congrats on moving away from those social media!

I'm also on the "avoid facebook" team, but also because there are more fake news, fake people, fake everything and a lot of lies, but I'm still on Instagram occasionally, to reach some friends.

I can't agree more on the fact that ignorance is a bliss.

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Surajan Shrestha Author • Edited on

Thank you for commenting. I couldn't be more happier.
I don't want to force you to quit Instagram but Instagram is even more toxic than Facebook. Think about it, while FB is focused on everything(texts,photo,video,groups,marketplace,jobs,etc.), Instagram is only focused on the materialistic side of life i.e how good someone looks, how much money they have, what kind of cars they drive, what kind of expensive outfits someone wears.
If i have to say it, then, Instagram is the worst of all social media.
I know I'm nobody but as a Developer to a fellow Developer, I have to give out this advice that quitting Instagram is for the better.

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Alexandre Plateau

I think I'll listen to you and just use Threads for Instagram (that's only the DM part to keep talking to friends) from now!

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Amelia Vieira Rosado ๐Ÿฃโœจ

I hope you don't end up on the toxic side of Twitter!

I try to use social media as responsibly as possible and I curate my feed quite aggressively. Truth is, I'm not a fan of social media and I don't really believe it helps bring us together. These days social media feels more like a tool to polarize us further.

Another thing that grabs my attention is this notion of a perfect life. So many people fake being the happiest version of themselves online. If anything, I personally prefer aligning who I am online to who I am in person. What you see is what you get. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Bottom-line is: I use social media; I don't let it use me.

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Surajan Shrestha Author

Yes, Finally someone who shares my view. People are only editing and showing the so-called "Glorious Side of their lives" whereas they're suffering too, just like the rest of us.