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Discussion on: Is quitting photo and video based Social Media good for a Developer?

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Surajan Shrestha Author • Edited on

Thank you for commenting. I couldn't be more happier.
I don't want to force you to quit Instagram but Instagram is even more toxic than Facebook. Think about it, while FB is focused on everything(texts,photo,video,groups,marketplace,jobs,etc.), Instagram is only focused on the materialistic side of life i.e how good someone looks, how much money they have, what kind of cars they drive, what kind of expensive outfits someone wears.
If i have to say it, then, Instagram is the worst of all social media.
I know I'm nobody but as a Developer to a fellow Developer, I have to give out this advice that quitting Instagram is for the better.

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Alexandre Plateau

I think I'll listen to you and just use Threads for Instagram (that's only the DM part to keep talking to friends) from now!