I’m a 12 yr old developer. Ask me Anything

Auguste Rame on November 14, 2018

Hi! I’m in 9th grade and an intern at a cybersec company called CryptoPhi. But there’s a twist, I’m only 12. Ask me Anything.

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What advice do you have for other developers seeking to become 12 yr old?


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Thanks a lot!


Age is a natural process and it can't be reversed. Sorry for the bad news...


What inspired you towards coding?? And how you manage your time means now you have to work what you get in intern also you have to do your schooling besides so how you manage all of these things ?? And wanna ask one more thing is that during coding sometimes at a point when you stuck how you overcome with that problem?? Overall can u share yours coding journey like doing open source like things stuff and getting hired for intern ??


Hi, I guess I was inspired by the code.org promotional video.

I intern after school every Wednesdays for around 3 hours.

When I get stuck on a problem, I research it on StackOverflow. If I still can't solve the problem, I just sleep on it and dream about the problem, and that always helps me fix it.

I started my first open-source project on GitHub in late 2016. It was a simple Spigot plugin (for a Minecraft server). It taught me a lot about git and Java (it was my first big Java project). In late 2017, I got to teach at an educational center for young computer programming students and later I interned at a microchip production company. A few months later, I got the internship at the crypto company I mentioned.


One more thing wanna ask how your lines of code gonna help im our daily life ???
And what would you give some tips to beginners like us to make better program and when stuck how to overcome??

I use code in my daily life to help me automate things like my homework, or home appliances. I guess making a good program and overcoming problems require both creativity and understanding of the programming language. But the most important part is the creativity aspect.

I don't have any tips except for love what you do.

What's your plan to fulfill your dreams?? Or what will your next step after intern in your field??

I haven't really planned my future yet. I guess I just want to learn more.

Hi what's your daily schedule ?? And how's different from your daily working day(Wednesday) or working Schedule??

I don't really have a specific schedule (my days are pretty hectic). I guess I wake up, go to school and repeat. My Wednesday schedule isn't really different than my regular schedule (except that I go and work).


Whoa, that's pretty cool.

What do you do in your job? What kind of programming do you do?


I work as a cybersecurity and software developer. I do lots of different programming (and use lots of different programming languages) daily.

I mostly do web development (front and back end), but on occasion I write in native languages. I just stared learning Go!


Quite a future you have ahead of you. Keep it up!


How do you deal with age limits put on services like google where the minimum age must be 13 ? Do you just put a fake age of 13 or you do not use those services ?


Great question! Actually (and most surprisingly), most services have "parental modes" for children under the age of 13, the only requirement being a guardian's consent.

If they don't, I just lie about my age (I mean no one will guess my age, oops everyone knows now)


When you look at what you do as a hobby and compare it to what working life looks like from the point of view of your internship, are there things you're particularly looking forward to (or, conversely, dreading) in a career?

Working on the assumption that this is what you want to do with your life, but is it? Are you doing it because you enjoy it or because it seems like an easy thing for you to get into?


I guess I'm looking forward to learning more from other developers, both at work and on dev.to as I've seen the effect it can have in the workplace.

I don't think I want to just become a developer. I want to be a developer that interfaces with other fields, like biology, physics, chemistry or maybe even economics. I code for both reasons: the ease of coding and the joy that comes out of it.


I'm teaching my little cousin to code. She is 10. Any advice?

I've started with the last tutorial from JavaScript 30 (Whack a mole game).


I don't have any advice. Starting with a game is a great idea, it's easy and fun. In my experience, teaching young people how to code is pretty difficult but rewarding, good luck!


What got you interested in being a developer? And how long have you been a developer for?


I guess it was just boredom. I had nothing to do one summer, so I learned how to code.

I started coding around 5 years ago.


You started when you were 7?! That's incredible!


Are you available for consulting?


Great question! I’m not really sure I have enough time for consultations because of my busy schedule (school, internship, etc..)

I haven’t really thought it out yet. I may be available for consulting in the near future.


Whoaw such a great achievment on that ages . I wanna ask what you wanna achieve in future career ? in you age now ,you can be senior developer on age 30 yro. I thought.


I guess I can give you the same answer I gave Ben Sinclair:

I don't think I want to just become a developer. I want to be a developer that interfaces with other fields, like biology, physics, chemistry or maybe even economics.
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