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re: One more thing wanna ask how your lines of code gonna help im our daily life ??? And what would you give some tips to beginners like us to make be...

I use code in my daily life to help me automate things like my homework, or home appliances. I guess making a good program and overcoming problems require both creativity and understanding of the programming language. But the most important part is the creativity aspect.

I don't have any tips except for love what you do.

What's your plan to fulfill your dreams?? Or what will your next step after intern in your field??

I haven't really planned my future yet. I guess I just want to learn more.

Hi what's your daily schedule ?? And how's different from your daily working day(Wednesday) or working Schedule??

I don't really have a specific schedule (my days are pretty hectic). I guess I wake up, go to school and repeat. My Wednesday schedule isn't really different than my regular schedule (except that I go and work).

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