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Discussion on: What's the most important topic to teach when teaching webdev?

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Sumeet Jain (he/him) • Edited on

If this is their first programming class at all, then I would probably caution you away from Ruby. I speak from experience, having taught a lot of Ruby to beginners over the years. Ruby's syntax flexibility is a pain for new developers, because it takes longer for them to internalize patterns like what a method call looks like (since, in Ruby, it might look like str.join(" ") or str.join " ").

I wrote something up for a class of total beginners to coding:

It's intended to help someone get started with a stricter language that is also relevant to modern web development: JavaScript. Usually the biggest knock against JS is how hard it is to just get started (because everyone overloads their "beginner" frameworks with unnecessary files and dependencies). The repo above is minimal, and I've used it successfully with classes--having them build a basic Rock-Paper-Scissors command-line game for starters.

That said, if your students already have some programming background, carry on,