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Discussion on: How do YOU deal with imposter syndrome?

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Sumeet Jain (he/him)

I deliberately set time aside to do something I'm good at. Even if it's unrelated. Feeling good about myself is important, so I make time for playing board games, ultimate frisbee, and talking to loved ones who live far away.

On the job, I make learning plans. I've been in the industry for 13 years and still grow frustrated trying to learn new technologies, techniques, and skills. After I've cooled down, I write out a few goals or checklist items related to what I need to get better at.

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Suzan Bond

Yes, I completely agree. When I'm learning something new, or feeling less than confident about my skills I also set aside time to do things I do well. It definitely gives me a burst of energy (and confidence) so I can get back to learning something new.