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Hi Folks,

I'm Kris currently working as an IT Director, but recently resurrected a passion for coding that I had in my teen years. I'm an ultralearner on the side of my day job (along with my family of six) and would like to get some opinions of the folks here on the best path forward? I have some previous college-level experience with basic CSS concepts, Java, and VB from back in the day and want to jump into Machine Learning and deep data analysis (have a passion to see medical misdiagnosis drop through this tech sooner rather than later). First three months look like so for me:
Week 1 & 2- Udemy - Python Bootcamp Course
Covers OOP, Python, Etc
Week 3 - The Coding Interview Bootcamp - Algorithms & Data Structures
Week 4 & 5 - Udemy Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp
Week 6 & 7 - Linear Algebra & Practice
Week 8 & 9 - Project 1 - Titanic
Week 10 & 11 - Project 2 - House Prices
Week 12 - Project 3 - Facial Keypoints Detection
Week 13 - Reset week
I'm a learn by doing and teaching kind of guy, and have a desire to do this at a low cost (already have my bsb not looking to go back to college and spend inordinate amounts of money for little gain). Thoughts/tips?