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Discussion on: What is the most annoying thing your colleagues say all the time?

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Quentin Sonrel

For most people it's just basic politeness. In France we greet people with "Bonjour", which translates to "good day", but the person doesn't actually wish you a pleasant day, it's just a polite way to greet people, same goes for "how are you?".


Then you feel obligated to return the question or appear rude.

That's probably exactly why they ask you in the first place, they don't want to appear rude either.

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Davide de Paolis Author

sure, but he explicitly said, the _automatic "how are you" thrown by people that they don't even listen to your question - btw social convention also implies that you should not start telling the truth - therefore all your problems to anyone asking you -

So - you ask automatically just to not appear rude - but don't care about my answer - that I am not supposed to give you anyhow. why bother then.

Hi!, Hi!.
Goodbye! Goodbye!

obviously being kidding. somehow.

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I like this reply. I believe it explains clearly the situation, at least in my office.