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That's kinda true for most languages though. It's the same for web development and frameworks. Rails == Ruby but Ruby != Rails. Angular == JS but JS != Angular. But still, the language is the language, you either code in Java or you don't. And in your case, you do.

Lots of survey results have Java as one of the biggest programming languages but in my opinion this is only because Android is a big part of it.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. First of all because a not so negligible part of Android development isn't done in Java. There is also Kotlin and C++ for native development and alternatives like Flutter, React Native, etc... And besides the whole Android deal, there is A LOT of Java in a lot of other domains. Java is everywhere, from embedded devices to web apps.


Good point!
Maybe surveys should have better options to select frameworks after choosing a language, that is what I missed (in the surveys that I did).

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